Beijing·GutenZone Chinese Corner NO.46 古藤堡中文角第46期
Beijing·GutenZone Chinese Corner NO.46 古藤堡中文角第46期
  • TIME
    Oct 26 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
    途尚咖啡(五道口店) No. 1, West Street, Wudaokou shopping center, 28 Cheng Fu Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Time:2018/10/26  19:30 — 21:30

Every week on Friday(每周五晚上)


No. 1, West Street, Wudaokou shopping center, 28 Cheng Fu Road, Haidian District, Beijing



活动介绍 —— Introduction

We organize Chinese Corner activities every week to help foreign friends learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture.

How did you come to China? And what is it that attract you to China, the beautiful landscape or the long history, the tasty Chinese dish or the hospitable Chinese?

China has a vast territory, from the south to the north, from the east to the west, people speak different dialects, eat different three meals, each city has its own unique style, or leisurely, or unsophisticated, or quiet, or noisy.

Have you ever been to somewhere that makes you flipped?Do you still have a poem and a distant place in your heart?

Come on, let's talk of everything under the sun and tell you about your marvelous journey in China.

本期主题 —— Topics

Online Shopping

Do you know China's Double Eleven Shopping Carnival?

The Double Eleven Shopping Carnival refers to the online promotional day on November 11 every year, which originates from the online promotional activities held by Taobao Mall (Tianmao) on November 11, 2009. Nowadays, the Double Eleven has become an annual event of China's e-commerce industry, and gradually affects the international e-commerce industry.

In November 11, 2014, Alibaba's trading volume was 57.1 billion yuan.

In November 11, 2015, Tmall's trading volume was 91.217 billion yuan.

In November 11, 2016, Tmall's trading volume is over 120.7 billion yuan.

According to the data released by Alibaba at zero on November 12, the total turnover of "Double Eleven" Tianmao and Taobao in 2017 was 168.2 billion yuan, a new record.

The Double Eleven Shopping Festival has surpassed the Black Five Shopping Festival in the United States. Merchants often start promotional activities one month ahead of schedule. Buyers also start browsing goods long in advance, waiting for the Double Eleventh Day to buy crazily.

The Double Eleven is coming soon. Have you ever participated in the Chinese Double Eleven Shopping Carnival? What are you going to buy for this Double Eleven?

Activity flow —— 活动流程

1、Self introduction-自我介绍

Please introduce yourself, and briefly introduce your country in one or two sentences.

2、Topic exchange-主题交流

How was your holiday?

3、My new friend-我的新朋友

Free exchange, please find a stranger you don't know, get to know each other, remember his name and character, and introduce your new friend (this is my new friend, his name is XX, he comes from XX...)

Notes —— 活动须知

1. The activity is free, providing an opportunity to practice Chinese and make friends.

2. The purpose of this activity is to help you practice Chinese and make friends.

3. Please speak Chinese language only.