Top 10 Ski Resorts you can't miss

Skiing is one of Beijing's most popular winter activities due to the number of high-quality ski resorts in the area. Spending time with your kids, taking part in winter activities such as snowball fights and snow sculptures, and enjoying nature can provide a unique and wonderful experience only a short trip from Beijing.

The 10 most popular Beijing ski resorts are listed here with brief introductions of their locations and features. You can click on each resort's link to learn more detailed information.


1. Nanshan Ski Resort

LocationMiyun County, a 30-minute drive from Tian'anmen Square by expressway.

FeaturesNanshan Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in northern China. You can experience all four seasons at the resort: skiing in winter, hiking in spring, playing in the water in summer and joining the harvest in autumn. Complete ski facilities and slopes are available for use.

Ski FacilitiesTwo cable car lines accommodating four or two passengers at a time, a unique mogul ski track, snowmobile tracks for children, China's first six-a-side football field in the snow, over 5,000 sets of ski equipment for rent and more than 40 coaches.

2. Badaling Ski Resort

LocationAbout two kilometers from the Badaling Great Wall and only 1-hour drive from Beijing.

FeaturesThe scenery around Badaling Ski Resort is great all year long: peach blossoms in spring, green mountains blanketed by trees in summer, golden fall foliage in autumn and a charming snow environment in winter.

A series of winter activities are popular at Badaling Ski Resort, including bungee jumping in the snow, ice sculptures and a snow sauna. Different difficulty levels of ski slopes can satisfy the requirements of skiers' different proficiency levels. Badaling also has the longest snowmobile track in Beijing at 2,300 meters.

3. Yuyang Ski Resort

LocationPinggu district, a 90-minute drive from Beijing city center and Tianjin.

FeaturesYuyang Ski Resort is the largest ski resort around Beijing. Its 11 different ski slopes meet the requirements of skiers' various proficiency levels, from amateur to pro. Yuyang is a comprehensive tourist resort combining hiking and winter walks, dining, and other entertainment. The ski resort is open into the evening, offering you a great opportunity to appreciate the night scenery in the hills around Beijing.

Ski FacilitiesFour-passenger cable cars, snowmobiles and a collection of recreational facilities.

4. Huaibei Ski Resort

LocationHuairou district, about a 2-hour drive from the Forbidden City.

FeaturesYou can appreciate the Mutianyu Great Wall at Huaibei Ski Resort because it is located in Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area, which is surrounded by the Great Wall. The ski slopes at this resort meet international standards with lengths of 3,800 meters. A collection of winter activities are popular at the resort, including snowmobiling and snow climbing. There is also a ski training school supported by Huaibei Ski Resort and France Ski Association where you can learn professional skiing skills and techniques from experienced coaches.

Huaibei Ski Resort has different difficulty levels of ski slopes for everyone from amateurs to professional skiers. Riding the cable cars that are built above the Great Wall is an exciting experience with fantastic views.


5. Yunfoshan Ski Resort

LocationYunfoshan Tourist Village, Miyun County, to the south of Miyun Reservoir.

FeaturesYunfoshan Ski Resort is surrounded by mountains on three sides. A number of winter activities are available, including snow sculptures and dog sledding.

Ski FacilitiesDifferent difficulty levels of ski slopes at the resort can entertain all levels of skiers. More than 4,000 sets of ski equipment are available to fulfill the dreams of more than 3,000 travelers. Professional coaches at the ski resort can help you to improve your skills fast.

6. Wanlongbayi Ski Resort

LocationFengtai district, only a 10-minutes' drive from Beijing West Railway Station.

FeaturesBecause Wanlongbayi Ski Resort is the closest ski resort from Beijing, it is convenient to travel to the resort by subway or city bus. At night, with the lights displayed, the ski resort seems even more fantastic and dreamlike than during the day. Free dinners are also available at night.

8 long ski slopes can offer you an exciting skiing experience. Unique to Wanlongbayi, there are several ski slopes where it is possible to learn ski skills and techniques for free from the resorts coaches. A special recreation area for kids is also situated at the foot of the slopes, and complete ski equipment rentals are provided at the large equipment hall. You can ride the "Magic Carpet" alongside the ski slopes to the top of the slopes stably and safely while appreciating the scenery around the resort.


7. Lianhuashan Ski Resort

LocationShunyi district, a 90-minute drive from the city center.

FeaturesYou can enjoy skiing in a surreal green-and-white world due to the well-protected green plants around the ski resort.

All difficulty levels of ski slopes and several cable cars, together with a snowboard park, can meet the various demands of skiers in Lianhuashan Ski Resort. Apart from skiing, a number of interesting winter activities are popular at the resort, including snowmobiling, bobsleds, football and horse riding.

8. Xueshijie Ski Resort

LocationThe Ming Tombs, about a 90-minute drive from the city.

FeaturesLocated near the Ming Tombs and surrounded by verdant trees, the scenery at Xueshijie Ski Resort is phenomenal and gorgeous. Snow sculptures and firework shows look even more extraordinarily beautiful at night. No matter whether a senior traveler or kid, you are sure to be able to have an interesting experience at Xueshijie.

Ski FacilitiesSix ski slopes at the resort are designed for different proficiency levels of skiers. Complete sets of ski equipment, including snowmobiles and snowboards, are available for more than 1,800 travelers. You can learn skiing techniques and skills from the coaches at the training class that is supported by the resort.

9. Shijinglong Ski Resort

LocationYanqing County, about 80 kilometers from Beijing.

FeaturesShijinglong Ski Resort was exquisitely designed to be a grand ski resort in Beijing with a range of ski equipment and various winter activities. A snow sauna and hot springs are the specialties of Shijinglong Ski Resort. The volume of snow at the resort can be changed to meet requirements because the snow is man-made. If you are an amateur skier, the experienced coaches at the ski resort can help you to learn basic skills quickly.

After renovations, Shijinglong has the widest senior- and middle-rank ski slopes in Beijing. A variety of slopes are available for every level of skier. Cable cars can take you to the top of the slopes while you appreciate the scenery along the cableway.


10. Jundushan Ski Resort

LocationTangshan Hot Spring Tourist Resort, Changping district, about 30 kilometers from the city center.

FeaturesJundushan Ski Resort is one of the biggest ski resorts in Beijing, able to entertain 6,000 travelers. You can reach the ski resort after a 40-minute drive, and relaxing and chatting with friends at the ski resort's cafes can be a very relaxing and romantic experience.

More than 4,000 sets of advanced ski equipment are available for skiers, alongside cable cars and other ski facilities.