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GutenZone is a multi-lingual and multi-dimensional service platform for foreigners travel and live in China, providing the most accurate information at the first time.
No matter you're in China, or on the way to China, GutenZone is the best answer.Here, you can find all the information you need, such as travel information, travel guide, transportation, food, tickets, scenic spot, hotel. Also, there are great transportation tools, living tools and translation tools, making all your language problems solved, just enjoy it like in your home country.
Travel guide:
Travel information, such as scenic spot, transportation, culture, food, hotel, ticket etc
Scenic spot:
2000+ scenic spot reservation, tickets discount
Foreign guest hotel :
High quality foreign guest hotel, covering the popular tourist cities
ChinaHand card:
Covers 181 cities\' buses and subways, 2000+ spots and hotel discounts, traffic accident insurance worth ¥300000
GutenZone is dedicated to serving foreigners studying or working or traveling in China. Whether you have been in China or on the way to China, GutenZone is your best choice. Serve foreigners in China and carry forward Chinese culture.
The core members of the GutenZone are from the international leading Internet companies (Microsoft, Baidu, HUAWEI, Cheetah, etc.) and famous universities(Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, etc.). If you are willing to create the future, welcome to join us. GutenZone, start in China, view the world.
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